Multidisciplinary Designer & Brand Specialist
Currently: Associate Design Director at Edelman

House of HomeGoods

Winner - Best in PR, Drum Awards 

Prospects were booking vacation rentals more than ever, with the rise of more intimate experiences we wanted to intercept customers by offering a vacation rental that brings to life the spirit of Go Finding.

Welcome to House of HomeGoods. A beautiful vacation house where you never know what you’ll find.

Between each guest’s stay, we refreshed the decor so there is always something new, thats 4 different design looks across 4 weekends, no two stays were the same.

We allowed guests to shop the house and fill a suitcase with their finds and to keep things at our affordable prices we offered the house for $29.99 a night.

To tap into the passion points of prospects, we offered unexpected experiences to inspire each of the themes, from pasta making to flower arranging.

We earned over 400MM impressions as well as tapped into publications that had not previously been able to break into.

CD: Constance Leonard, ACD: Kelsey Kovalcik, CW: Benji Shaw