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Which Guy Are You

Back when the Which ___ Are You? IG trend took off, two friends and I decided to create our own version featuring the Mayor of Flavortown. Now we just make Guy memes to entertain ourselves, 20k followers, and Guy Fieri himself who follows our account.

Celebrity Mentions
Guy Fieri
The Cavaliers IG
Chloe-Grace Moretz
Jeremy O’Harris | Playwright, Euphoria Co-Producer
Ashley Longshore | Pop-artist
Gracie Abrams | Singer
Cousin Stizz | Rapper

Influencer Mentions

Benito Skinner @bennydrama7
Brittany Broski @brittany_broski
Glenny Balls Barstool @GlennyBalls
Nahily Natem @NahilyNatem
Madi Bernard @MadiBernard

Examples of the Trend